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Sunset Sailing II
24 October 2012

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28 August 2010

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20 June 2012

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Stockholm Passage
10 October 2011

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Watching & Waiting...
8 October 2011

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Sunset on the Baltic
1 October 2011

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30 June 2011

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29 June 2011

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Sail on Seven...
9 June 2011

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The Fiddler
20 December 2010

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Sun Rise...
20 June 2010

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Nostalgic Track Shoes
18 February 2010

Recent Comments

franz on Shop
nice documentary! anywhere, eastern europe, is what i would say ...

franz on Canal View
nice to see you again! i disagree with marilla ... i think it's st. petersburg!

Marilla on Canal View
Welcome back! I don't know if that picture is from Venice but it looks like it. The light is magnificent and it ...

Frédéric on Andrew
Very nice photo ! Beautiful expression, intense look, great portrait ! Congratulations for you gallery, it's a ...

Anina Botes on Waiting for me to come home...
This is stunning! I love the light here

sithenah on Rainy Night in Georgia
super atmosphere

sithenah on Bird Watching...
lovely colours

sithenah on Waiting for me to come home...
such a great looking dog

Veronique on Waiting for me to come home...
Lovely play with the blacks and whites !

Marilla on Waiting for me to come home...
Good expression!

Shiva on Waiting for me to come home...
I can relate to this picture - Shiva is always sitting at the window waiting for us .......nothing like a dog welcoming ...

Carol on Waiting for me to come home...
They are so patient, aren't they? :) Until you open the door! That is a nice looking dog... I think you will ...

franz on Waiting for me to come home...
oh, i know this look .... i hope you didn't keep him/her waiting ... ;-)

Mandar on Waiting for me to come home...
Perfectly composed...

B. Thomas on Waiting for me to come home...
What a sweet expression on his face. Great shot.

Basile Pesso on Waiting for me to come home...
Very good.

Mary on Waiting for me to come home...
They love you no matter what! Love it.

Yvonne Simons (:|:) on Waiting for me to come home...
They are so loyal and always happy when you get home. What a sweet picture!

franz on Bird Watching...
handsome plumage, set off nicely against this background blur !!!

B. Thomas on Bird Watching...
I love watching these around my bird feeder. Nice shot.

Lai Chan See on Bird Watching...
Excellent capture.

Veronique on Bird Watching...
Great feathers colors !

Marilla on Fire Escape
Necessary in every building... Nice shot, red and black are good together.

john4jack on Fire Escape

Basile Pesso on Fire Escape
Lovely colors and compo.

franz on Rainy Night in Georgia
a very fitting title to an impressive bw image with a strong atmosphere !

franz on Abandoned
cleverly cropped and "moody" monochrome that reminds me of st. petersburg !

franz on The Confederate
another powerful portrait! this gent doesn't look like a "loser" ...

franz on Andrew
beautiful and touching portrait with superb atmosphere !

franz on Fire Escape
striking compo with powerful geometrical elements and a convincing colour scheme !

Marilla on Andrew
Hi, Andrew! What are you thinking?

Marilla on Abandoned
Looks like this is from Russia... with love.

Marilla on The Confederate
Very impressive!

Mandar on Andrew

❀ Yvonne Simons ❀ on Andrew
Hi Andrew!! Nice portrait!

Lai Chan See on Andrew
An excellent portrait.

Mariana Maoduš on The Confederate
nice portrait

Veronique on The Confederate
great portrait !

Viewfinder on Rainy Night in Georgia
Such a perfect mood noir. Where in Atlanta did you find this spot?

Ana Lúcia on Rainy Night in Georgia
I can feel the atmosphere of the shot.

Veronique on Rainy Night in Georgia
This is an amazing dreamland !

omid on Rainy Night in Georgia
Nice & amazing! so beautiful frame, lights & atmosphere!

L'Angevine on Puppy Week - Day 2
oh qu'il est trop chou ce bravo pour le classement au remix de ce cliché

franz on Remembering Summer...II
cool and attractive memory in a superb image ...

Steve on Fenced In
Thank you for all you comments!

omid on I'm gonna run to you!
woow! very nice! very nice & amazing! so beautiful colors & lights!

Dimitrios on I'm gonna run to you!
Mmm bravo!

Veronique on I'm gonna run to you!
Fantastic !! a perfect shot.

Basile Pesso on I'm gonna run to you!
Magnificent and spotlightable.

Veronique on Remembering Summer...II
What a pleasant remembering !

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